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Thank you to everyone who came out to The Curve Fashion Festival yesterday. What a beautiful day it was. Each person I met was such an inspiration to me and why I am on this journey. It’s events like yesterday that remind me of why we need to stress more and more for plus size fashion. The amount of times someone told me yesterday that coming here they assumed they wouldn’t find anything because they never do. But were overjoyed when they found so many pieces they loved was astonishing and to be honest heartbreaking. Fashion is what makes me confident. On my bad days with body image, it’s a good outfit that snaps me out of it. And to think that so many women don’t have that availability to them because of their size is terrible. It’s people like Zoe Pennick (creator of The Curve Fashion Festival) and Rivkie Baum (Editor of Slink Magazine) who I can not thank enough for seeing the problem in the industry and taking charge. As models we get to see the availability out there right as a collection arrives. We get the opportunity to shoot with all different clients who are based around the world. But as the customer it’s hard to know what is out there if not sold in your country. Thats why I feel each of these events are so important for girls out there to help them find the fashion pieces they have always wanted. A great app to get that was introduced to me at yesterday’s event was Pocket Wardrobe (only available in the UK). Pocket Wardrobe is an app for curvy girls that’s helps you find a specific piece of clothing with a personal stylist to help. I will continue on the search for quality plus size designers & feature them on my blog. I’m so thankful to be apart of these festivals and runway shows around the world as it gives me a chance to share with you what is out there. Have a beautiful evening x Talk soon!