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I’m honored to get to finally announce that I am one of the faces of the new Evans #IamMe campaign. Not only was it a dream come true to work with a brand I’ve always admired, but to be a part of such a movement I full heartedly believe in was such a blessing. #IamMe is not just a movement, but a statement I’ve lived by for almost all my life. I’ve never subsided to others opinions, or even my opinions of my own about myself. I’ve always just said I accept who I am. I accept all that I am, all that I manifest and create, all that I need to overcome, all that is. “To be able to say #IamMe the beautiful me I am.” I hope if you are reading this or seeing this campaign that it will inspire you to start to love all of yourself, to not put yourself down for things others don’t agree with, to stand up for what you believe in and what you want manifested in your life. You are you for a REASON. You are needed to stand up and love who you are for a REASON. Start to believe this and your journey will fall into the path it’s supposed to go down. Accepting who you are is the most important thing in life and all else will follow. TRUST.

It was an absolute honor to be featured in the Evans #IAMME Campaign video, with so many impactful girls in the plus size industry. I am beyond flattered to have been chosen as #IAMSTYLE.

Evans #IAMME Campaign Featuring : Hayley Hasselhoff, Jess and the bandits, Callie Thorpe, Nadia Aboulhosn, Anna Shillinglaw, Brielle Anyea, Alessandra Garcia and Mirna Valero.